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As the Propeller Spins

Freefly Systems Introduces the MōVI Carbon

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 08/09/2018


Protection Plan For The DJI Enterprise Line

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 08/02/2018

We have all been waiting for a protection plan for the enterprise line up and it is now available. It looks like DJI breaks it down into two categories, basic and plus. 

Some stick time with the DJI Wind 4

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 07/26/2018

Need help deciding between resolutions and lens type on your thermal camera ?

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 06/07/2018

If you are reading this , you must know the struggle of figuring out the proper resolution and lens type for your Zenmuse XT.  The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. Below I have included some information from Dave Lee, a professional from FLIR. He has some really impressive content and can help you figure out the answers to many questions you have. Take some time to review this video and explore more from FLIR to help make you more efficient with your thermal imaging. 

DJI And Microsoft Partner To Bring Advanced Drone Technology To The Enterprise

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 06/04/2018

New Developer Tools For Windows And Azure IoT Edge Services Enable Real-Time AI And Machine Learning For Drones

The DJI Zenmuse XT 2

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 05/31/2018


Utilizing the FLIR Duo Pro R on the DJI M600pro

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 03/20/2018

Hands on with the DJI Wind 2

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 02/01/2018

DJI drone , DJI wind 2, DJI new drone

Introducing the DJI Wind 2 

Aerial Views in Taylor Swift's Latest "End Game"

Posted by Mike DiGrandi on 01/31/2018

In December of 2017 Jeff at Quadrocopter and Justin Marx of marX The Spot Films had the opportunity to provide some aerial clips for Taylor Swift's most recent video "End Game". This creative team chose to fly the Freefly Alta 8 paired with a Movi Pro. This was the obvious choice for a stable, reliable platform, that could provide the results needed for this video.